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Properties of substance:

tetrahydrofurfuryl alcohol

Group of substances:


Physical appearance:

colorless liquid

Empirical formula (Hill's system for organic substances):


Structural formula as text:


Molar/atomic mass: 102.132

Boiling point (°C):


Solubility (g/100 g of solvent):

ethanol: miscible [Ref.]
water: miscible [Ref.]


1.05 (20°C, g/cm3)

    Permittivity (dielectric constant):

    13.48 (30°C)

    Standard molar enthalpy (heat) of formation ΔfH0 (298.15 K, kJ/mol):

    -435.7 (l)

    Standard molar enthalpy (heat) of formation ΔfH0 (298.15 K, kJ/mol):

    -369.1 (g)

    LD50 (mg/kg):

    2300 (white mice, oral)
    3000 (rats, oral)
    3000 (guinea pig, oral)


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